Moscow metro, a fragment

The metro is Moscow’s bloodline. Like veins it runs through the city’s innards, carrying millions of people every day. 203 stations 339 km in length… 8 million passengers a day… Spend long enough in the metro and you will witness the very essence of life, distilled. On mountainous escalators, slowly. …Immaculately dressed girls with marble skin and frail frames …Older women just the opposite – … Continue reading Moscow metro, a fragment

Thought experiments in Stockholm

Somewhere in Sodermalm on the south banks of Stockholm. Only 4pm and already light, shape, details of the landscape – all gone. That’s the Nordic evening, coming in like a wave. But in Stockholm darkness reveals another kind of light, equally as important. The lights in people’s homes are glowing brilliant white. As I walk the small quietness of the streets I see them all … Continue reading Thought experiments in Stockholm

Absorbed by the world

When the skin of your passport is your skin. When scattered currencies are a puzzle you revisit time and time again. And an empty suitcase is left open, waiting. When choreography of preparation reaches perfection. When the first step into the plane is a ritual. And defying gravity to rise into the stratosphere is nothing…. When you begin to understand new languages, without knowing a single word. When intuition … Continue reading Absorbed by the world

Thought experiments in Dublin

This is a photograph of a street in Dublin, somewhere in Temple Bar. It is a little lopsided, a little blurred. I took it. Here is what I was thinking before I pressed the shutter: …the more you try to be someone you’re not the more obvious and awkward it becomes to everyone else it only becomes loud when I’m alone, travelling alone, there is no … Continue reading Thought experiments in Dublin

A peek into Russia’s village life

“Petrovna” Larissa says mournfully to my grandmother “Pasha hasn’t covered the hay yet and they promised rain. I don’t know what I’m going to do if the hay goes bad. I’m so anxious. I had a cry about it yesterday.” “What is that lazy mare doing?” gran asks referring to Larissa’s daughter “get her to help.” Larissa doesn’t get offended. She knows my grandmother’s blunt ways too … Continue reading A peek into Russia’s village life

Day One in Berlin: Mitte Borough by Foot

Travelling habits are like eating habits. Some people like to gorge. Others like to take their time, savour the moment slowly. My dad and I are gorgers. On our first day – no, correction – our first afternoon in Berlin (we checked in at about four o’clock) we walked the entire Mitte borough, covering around 10km. Mitte meaning ‘middle’ is the center of Berlin. Before … Continue reading Day One in Berlin: Mitte Borough by Foot