Thought experiments in Stockholm

Somewhere in Sodermalm on the south banks of Stockholm. Only 4pm and already light, shape, details of the landscape – all gone. That’s the Nordic evening, coming in like a wave. But in Stockholm darkness reveals another kind of light, equally as important. The lights in people’s homes are glowing brilliant white. As I walk the small quietness of the streets I see them all … Continue reading Thought experiments in Stockholm

Thought experiments in Dublin

This is a photograph of a street in Dublin, somewhere in┬áTemple Bar. It is a little lopsided, a little blurred. I took it. Here is what I was thinking before I pressed the shutter: …the more you try to be someone you’re not the more obvious and awkward it becomes to everyone else it only becomes loud when I’m alone, travelling alone, there is no … Continue reading Thought experiments in Dublin