Moscow metro, a fragment

The metro is Moscow’s bloodline.

Like veins it runs through the city’s innards, carrying millions of people every day.

203 stations

339 km in length…

8 million passengers a day…

Spend long enough in the metro and you will witness the very essence of life, distilled.

On mountainous escalators, slowly.

…Immaculately dressed girls with marble skin and frail frames

…Older women just the opposite – wrapped up in furs, leather and their own layer of insulation

…Small children in waterproof overalls made of down, pom-pom hats pulled down, clutching at the lined hands of their babushka and dedushka

Platforms wearing art like beautiful clothing.

It’s where people choose to meet.

At any moment, on any station – friends, colleagues and lovers coming together.

Their closeness captured, countless stories exchanged. People who have not seen each other for years and people who parted only a glimpse ago.

Torn sentences drifting, the rest hidden under the sound of the trains.

Fragments of life condensed underground.






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