Thought experiments in Dublin

This is a photograph of a street in Dublin, somewhere in Temple Bar.

It is a little lopsided, a little blurred. I took it.

Here is what I was thinking before I pressed the shutter:


…the more you try to be someone you’re not the more obvious and awkward it becomes to everyone else it only becomes loud when I’m alone, travelling alone, there is no mirror, no one to play back to me the safe version of myself , how are others acting so natural does being natural come naturally to them, the colours of this street are so bright, here is that cafe I went into before, the blue of the Project Arts building is so bright I am glad it is this blue it’s not what I imagined Dublin to be I imagined all grey this area is different maybe because tourists come here I like it’s intricate and the small streets are interesting why are we turning into this street there is nothing there oh it is the same street I walked by this morning I wanted to take photos of it but I didn’t because I was getting tired of always doing this, always chasing photographs of industrial looking things no one would be interested in seeing somehow I get drawn to them I think it is because they are solitary and solitude means a lot to me the tour guide is talking but I can’t focus on what he is saying and focus on the photograph so…

This is a photograph inside Dublin Castle.

And a little sliver of Chester Beatty Library almost out of sight.

A matter-of-fact type of picture.

Here is what I was thinking before I pressed the shutter:


…how hard it is, the judgement call, when to listen to other people and when to listen to yourself if I hadn’t come here I could have done what I really wanted to do and go to the church by Smithfield I can’t believe this place is closed I should have checked the opening hours I did check the opening hours and it did say it was closed on Mondays but I forgot about that when other people recommended it to me because this recommendation became the truth there are so many Spanish tourists in Dublin this group is huge it is the only one here I like the sound of the words familiar and comfortable to me every language I learn or hear a lot becomes like home even when I can’t understand the meaning of the words I think it’s because I love language and words recognising languages is satisfying to me they are leaving and I am leaving because they are leaving it’s a reaction of being alone following strangers…

This is the Library of Trinity College.

If you’re looking for magic in the world, come here.

Here is what I was thinking before I pressed the shutter:


…if it wasn’t so unbearably cold I’d stay here for hours sit on one of these benches and stare at the books try to read the titles every single person who steps in here slows down pauses hesitates it is important to take your time when you visit beautiful places beautiful galleries beautiful exhibitions like mediation it takes patience to appreciate and remember you have to spend time but only the most awe inspiring places like this one can hold people suspend time imprint a memory without trying…

Just the why

Emotions matter so much in relationships but we tend to overlook what they mean in other spheres of life.

Like creativity.

To me, a simple formula: emotion creates thought, thought leads to action.

So I wondered – what are the final bursts of thought inspired by emotion, that result in the creation of something?

I can’t get inside anyone else’s mind to find out, so I used my own.

From emotion to thought to photograph.





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