3 amazing TED talks on achieving the impossible

I’m curious about what people can achieve despite impossible circumstances.

When you’re living in your own small piece of the world it can be too easy to have small views.

To be boxed in by the ordinary.

I’m scared of this tunnel vision so I look for big thoughts and big lives.

That search often leads me to TED where I drown hours listening to fascinating people.


In celebration of impossible possibilities.

Here are 3 x TED talks by three people who evolved past ordinary through struggle.

Stories of trajectory from –

w e i g h t l e s s      r e a l i t y




heavy impossibility 


What’s important is not only what they say, but how they say it.

Just click ‘play‘ and find out yourself.


In my life, innovation has only been possible because of my borders.

Amy Purdy



There are no accidents in life. Adversity is just an opportunity for us to grow.

Omar Samra 



Never, ever give up. I live it… there is action behind these words.

– Diana Nyad


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